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About Us


I began building when I was very young, mostly with Legos and popsicle sticks. As I grew older, my choice of tools changed to a hammer and nails. Without assistance from any adults, I successfully built a storage shed of salvaged lumber at age twelve, simply by observing existing construction. I knew I had discovered my calling, so I started an apprenticeship with a church friend who was a professional cabinetmaker. This led to the construction of my first set of cabinets at the age of thirteen.

How it started

Nathan Age 12


Alexander Cabinets Is Born

I began working on my own and receiving money for work at the age of fourteen, before I could even drive, and Alexander Cabinets was born. I continued to work alongside my mentor for several years while maintaining a business, and continually improved my knowledge of the craft.


Getting To Know The Customers

Since then, I have worked tirelessly to maintain the highest standards for my work and expand my customer base as far as I can.

Nathan Age 39
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